Light Boxes are popular and are even more so now that Stampin’ UP! gave each attendee at On Stage a mini custom light box.
I love mine and was curious about adding to the letters that we received with the custom one we received from Stampin’ UP! so I decided to do a little light box comparison.
These are a fun way to convey a message at an event, in a blog post, in a post, on social media, in your studio, behind you in a video and are timely and relevant currently. Not to mention you can also use them for fun family celebrations.
I compared Stampin’ UP!’s light box to Heidi Swapp’s standard and mini box and the color changing box from Cossy Time.
The Heidi swapp mini letters are too small for the SU box and neither of the letters for the Cossy Time box or Heidi Swapp box can be cut down to fit in the SU box without cutting into the letters.
So my final assessment
I love the light of SU’s box (more of pure white).
I love the fit of the letters (more tight and less likely to fall out when moving box) in the Heidi Swapp mini box.
I love the color changing features, the fun bonus images and the fact I can trim the Heidi Swapp standard box elements to fit it.
I wish they were battery operated. All are USB powered.
I am sure you will be seeing any and all of these 4 in my social media posts.

Link for the color changing color box = click HERE 

For all others simply do a search of Light Box on Amazon or Google to find great add on pieces, different boxes and a price point that works for you. 


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