In 1996 I was a full time trauma RN with a 4 and 6 years working full time night shift and balancing that with a husband who needed to travel for his work.  And needless to say I was tired but we enjoyed the extras my work provided for our family and since we were making it work didn’t see the need to quit what was “working”. 

Along comes this Stampin’ UP! catalog at a MOPS group I was part of. 
I hosted an event, thought “I can do this” and the rest is history. 

However unlike many in direct sales I did not join for the discount, I joined to build an income so that I could stop working full time night shift. 
Thanks to an opportunity that existed because of a company – Stampin’ UP! started by two great women & sisters I was able to build a business. 
It’s an opportunity that still exists today. 

Yes it is possible to have a business as a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator not just enjoy the discount. 
Yes it is possible to make money as a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator not just enjoy the discount. 

BUT this is a direct sales, multi level marketing business. a business that is not built over time. 
BUT this is a direct sale, multi level marketing business, a business that you need to put time, energy, resources into to grow. 

BUT I’ve always loved the fact that I am in business for myself NOT by myself. 

There are so many resources available (especially to those on my team) to help guide and support both company resources and industry resources. 

I believe with the expanding world of social media & the stability of Stampin’ UP! the opportunity may actually be greater today to build a business for those with big dreams, visions willing to put the time and effort into making their dreams a reality. 

The low start up cost and no obligation kit means that for just $99 you can OWN your own business, set your own hours, set your own goals, CHASE your own dreams. 
    Yes there are no requirements to getting a kit, just in staying active! 

I would love to be a part of your Stampin’ UP! journey. 
No time like the present to jump in. 

Learn more about why now is a great time HERE

Happy International Women’s Day. 


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