Are you seeking training and support for your Stampin’ UP! Business?

As a demonstrator with 22+ years selling, recruiting, team building, earning incentives I have several training opportunities available to help you find the support you are looking for. I offer training classes two ways – one general business building class and several topic specific classes so that you can get help in an area of need. 

All of my classes are “on going”. Meaning they never expire and new timely material is always added. You don’t need to “reinvest” each year. 
All of my classes are priced to be affordable to all demonstrators at all levels.
All of my classes are hosted on facebook giving you the unique experience of learning how to use facebook for classes by participating in one, being available globally, on your time, on multiple devices. Facebook allows for the use of videos, graphics, files, polls, comments and more to enhance the training experience. AND facebook allows for ongoing interaction between you,  me and fellow class attendees. 

You can view all of  my currently offered classes and easy registration links HERE. 

For those wanting to build  a business (which I define as find customers and grow a team) you will want to explore the Building a Business class with it’s quarterly facebook training party, monthly where to focus videos, encouragement, timely tips, access to our group Pinterest board, tutorial coop and blog hop. 

For those wanting to earn Maui you will want to join the Building a Business class for all the reason listed above and for the different scenarios I have created for earning the trip. I believe in building a business so that incentives like the trip are a by product of a strong business. 

I look forward to helping you get what you want from your Stampin’ UP! experience as a demonstrator. 

Come follow me and the training center on facebook for daily dose on inspiration, timely reminders, tips, thoughts, encouragement. 


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