I love that there are so many ways to enjoy the Stampin UP! experience from simply enjoying the 20% discount, to hosting retreats, selling at vendor events, traditional parties, classes & clubs, hosting virtual events to being strictly online with your customer & teams and many more options.

And within all the ways to enjoy the Stampin’ UP! experience comes the flexibility and control to enjoy that experience as little or as much as like in keeping with your priorities, goals and needs adjusting your experience as life changes. 

Class is ongoing with unlimited access. 

The class include
1. Access to past year’s worth of materials
2. Maui trip tips throughout the year
3. Monthly focus training videos – posted ahead of the next month tips and ideas for what to focus on in the month ahead based on SU news, promotions, catalogs, seasons, etc.
4. On Going Sharing and networking
5. On Going training
6. unlimited access
7. Access to the Main training with two permanent classes – (Making Money as a SU demonstrator & Reading & Using your Reports) in the Group, blog hops and tutorial coop.

All past materials are available to view.
Cost is a one time 59.99 investment  – register TODAY .. 
    *training always free to members of my team as part of my upline support – check the team newsletter or facebook group for links 

Need more details: 

Class is taught in a closed facebook group making it accessible on your time, globally and from multiple devices. 

The unique facebook setting allows for networking, engagement, question asking and the access mentioned above. 

Class is taught using a mix of videos, sharing, homework, graphics, engagement. 

For those who want the outcome to be the Greek Isle there are great video scenarios, a breakdown of how to make the points a reality. 
For those needing focus each month a new video is posted on what to focus on in the coming month each month 
For those who need more in depth training on social  media, recruiting, being an upline this class gives you discounted access to those classes. 
For those who need and want to participate in blog hops, tutorial coops, a network of fellow demonstrators taking the same classes – this class gives you access to the RemARKable Created Facebook Group – a group for all current class attendees. 

Give yourself the gift of extra support in your business goals. Come join us in class today. 


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