I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest a while back and knew I needed to act on it. 
Reverse Advent – instead of the traditional Advent of opening little windows with treats the concept it to put an item a day through Christmas and then to donate it. 

Suggestions for baskets include laundry hampers, gym bags, decorate boxes, actual baskets, suitcase – what you use may depend on what you plan to fill it with and who you are donating it to. 

I am personally doing two baskets – one for a local women’s shelter and one for a pet rescue. 

Suggestions for themed baskets may include gifts for a food pantry, a homeless shelter, a family, the red cross, a local community center that needs activity supplies, even your favorite school teachers(school). 

I am sure there are many more ideas for baskets and who to support this holiday season. 
I know this will be a new tradition for us. 

Sometimes you find really great ideas on Pinterest! 


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