The RemARKably Created training center for demonstrators is making a difference with thematic based classes designed to meet timely needs. This months class was selected and asked for by current attendees as part of a survey of needs. I am excited about it because I like to joke that my superpower is THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. 

Training Center classes are housed in a closed private facebook group making it available to demonstrators all over the globe and on your time from your device. 

Classes in the training center are taught with videos, tips, graphics, challenges, sharing, interaction, Q&A.

Classes in the training center are not a simple 1 hour webinar. They are hours of content that you have access to for a full month. 

This training is provided FREE to members of my team as part of my upline support to you
               (if you are a RemARKable team member make sure to check that you are part of this facebook group) 

Beginning MARCH 16th – HOW to be creative in your business, marketing  and your crafting. How to think outside the box, build on inspiration that surrounds you, stand out as a demonstrator.

Register for the newest class and also receive access to 


Our monthly blog hop

Our monthly Tutorial coop

Our pinterest board with 5400+ followers 

Me and hundreds of fellow class attendees sharing & networking 

**all 3 classes held in closed private training center facebook group. 


Also come follow the training center on facebook here for daily business tips, inspiration and fun. 


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