Here is a fun project I put together for our 3 day RemARKable Hot Retreat this past weekend. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will have dimensions, assembly instructions and maybe even a schematic drawing (if I can get my son to create one while on spring break) so you can recreate this fun PVC Photo booth for your own event. It was oh so portable (in an old duffel bag or even a large 55gal trash bag and so easy to assemble. No tools!).

1. Consider the “number” of people who may want to be in the pictures when considering the dimensions of your booth (wish ours had been wider thankfully it’s an easy fix for the next one)

2. Coordinate your props to a theme but add other fun props like frames and fake eyes/mouths/moustaches/hats

3. Consider providing some “sample” photo ideas to get them in the mood

4. If you are not using additional lighting place booth in area of great natural light or a well lit room with no shadows

5. We chose to act as each others photographer and this helped us stage better shots

6.  Mini chalkboards make great props that can be personalized with messages you want to see in the photos. (but use bigger chalk boards than we did – you can buy wood plaques and add Stampin’UP!’s chalkboard vinyl to them and then adhere the plaques to wood dowels).

7. Have the photo booth available during your entire event it can act as an icebreaker but it may also take some “brave” souls starting the fun to get the rest interested and snapping pictures.


Here is Deb, Linda, Missy and I giving the photo booth a work out. Two of the “frames” are just poster board cut to look like Polaroid frames.


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