So far on my quest to get organized this year I’ve done the front hall closet, the kitchen pantry, the upstairs linen closet, one large closet in Craft World, two shelves in Stamp world  and finally this weekend hubby hung my new ribbon holders.  Of course some of the organization so far has been “shuffling”.  Example – I removed all these old VHS tapes from a shelf and currently they are sitting in a box to be sorted (keep, donate, trash, etc). I am not sure if “shuffling” counts but I am considering it a step in the right direction!

Sometimes it pays to get “junk email”. I received notice in early December in my inbox from a company that was having 12 days of Christmas Specials. This particular day I chose to read my junk email for whatever reason. Normally I am very good and quick with the delete key.  This ribbon holder is 36″ long, includes the clips that I only utilized on the lower one, has cubbies on each end for scissors and decals so that you can measure 1″ or 1/2″ for easy cutting.

These were the deal of the century. I got them for $9.99 each – total shipping on all 3 was $20 – so for $50 I got 3 of these amazing organizers that bring the ribbon out into view making them easily accessible for my customers and team members when they are here for classes, crops and events.

Two of them hold all current Stampin’ up! Ribbon except the Poly Twill and the Bakers Twine. The Poly Twill rolls are too large so I hung them on the provided clips and I chose to slip the bakers twine into baggies which I then hung on the included clips.

I did not thread my ribbon through the two lower ones as you see in the upper one. I have a new puppy who is able to reach them and would gladly love to pull the ends of the ribbon right through. I am just hoping that the Bakers twine, linen thread and magnet with needles in the ziplock bags hanging are not an enticement for him when he’s hanging in craft world with me.

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